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Monday, January 5, 2009

Dance class and school sickness

It seems like Christmas vacation flew by and now everyone is back to school and work. Emily was the only one that woke up excited today because dance class starts up again.

I just happen to walk past her room when she shot up from under the covers so fast, I was surprised she didn't hit the ceiling. "Is it dance class day?" she asked, grinning from ear to ear. "No, I'm sorry, Hon." I lied. "You have to wait until next week." Her head dropped so hard that I was waiting for it to roll off and land at my feet. "I'm just kidding," I said and smiled. She quickly looked up at me with a scrunched nose and just said, "You are evil, Mom." I agreed with her.

Next task was to drag big brother out of bed and I already knew what to expect-the "I don't feel good and can't go to school," moan from under the covers. I had to remind him that in the whole time off, he was not sick once and maybe, just maybe, it might be in his head. It ended up going more smoothly than I expected and I got him off to school. (telling him that if he stayed home he wouldn't get to play with any of the new video games for a week might of helped a bit)

Now, I have to find a way to make the day go by faster so that after the hundredth time that Emily asks me if it's time to go to dance class, I can finally say, YES!


Chris said...

My kids went back to school today too. I only had Christmas Day and New Year's Day off of work so I pretty much worked the whole time they were off school. They had trouble getting up and around today.

Janine said...

Oooh, you've just reminded me: my little girl wanted to start ballet classes this year and I've done nothing about getting her signed up!!

eight helping hands said...

When I told Sandra on Sunday that she had school the next morning, she told me "I just know that when I wake up my tummy will hurt and I'll have to stay home." My teenager also has the same "sickness" as Jordon. hmmm.
Hope Jordon enjoyed his birthday!

Geri said...

I always wanted to take dance and my mom made take piano because she always wanted to play the piano. I still don't like the piano, and I still want to dance.

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

LOL! Sounds like your daughter is just like mine when she's excited about something! ;) Hope she had an excellent time! :)

Creative Junkie said...

omgosh, I was so happy so send my kids off to school on Monday. Don't get me wrong ... I adore my kids and everything but two weeks of being together 24/7 over the stressful holidays is just about my limit.

Terra said...

Some of my days this week have felt like they would never end too! My little Hailey LIVES to dance...sounds like your Emily does too. I can't wait to read more but I have too...after bed time I will be back.