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Monday, January 12, 2009


Do you remember our remodeling project downstairs?
This was the right side that WAS the theater room side but we switched it to the left side and planned on making the larger side a playroom.
A big mess, right?
After taking out the rest of my oldest's stuff, throwing out alot of junk, putting up a "wall" where we used to have curtains covering a storage area and making a chalkboard wall, we made a presentable playroom.

The after look.
This will come in handy on Super Bowl Sunday when the kids can hang out over here and the guys can watch the game without having to throw chicken wing bones at them for playing in front of the big screen tv.


eight helping hands said...


How cool is that! You look good! Wanna' come to my house and clean me up before the BIG GAME!
If I may ask? What are the letters on the wall are they just random?

Tess said...

The letters are just random letters. I was going to put up the whole alphabet but that would require some work. I'll be happy to do your house!