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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Words with a blogger Wednesday

It's W-W-W-Wednesday and that means it's
This week's blogger is
Jenni from
Take it away, Jenni!
Tell us about yourself and your blog.
My name is Jenni and my blog is Jiggety Jigg. I am a thirty-five year old mother of two boys named Douglas and Jack. I have been married to my awesome husband for 12 years. I am a third grade teacher professionally, but I would give it up in a heartbeat to blog full time on my couch.

When did you start blogging and what made you decide to blog?
I started blogging a couple years ago informally on MySpace and then started Jiggety Jigg this past summer. I honestly don't know what made me start blogging. I got a "bug in my butt" about it one day and just started.

Do you make money from your blog?
I don't make money right now...just friends!

What do you do to network/promote your blog to bring in readers?
I have been trying to be active in the blogging community. I have been doing entrecard and joining some different social networks like Mom Bloggers Club.

How do you balance blogging and family?
It is hard to do it all. I pretty much do my bloggy stuff at night after the kids are in bed and I am just relaxing. I sneak in some time in the afternoons when I can, too!

How frequently do you post?
I post on a daily schedule right now!

What do you recommend to blog about?
I recommend writing about what is real to you. And funny is always good...even if it is a dorky kind of funny.

Have your readers influenced you in any way?
Absolutely. I always keep them in mind while I am writing! And also I have been influenced greatly by reading their blogs!

What is your blogging style?
Do I have a style? Is giant goofball a style?

What do you do when you get writer's block?
I go blog surfing and look for some inspiration!
Thanks, Jenni!
Would you like to be interviewed?
Beg, plead or send chocolate and I just might feature you!
Seriously, comment on this post that you would like to be featured
(though chocolate really would help).


Jenni Jiggety said...

Thank you for interviewing me!

eight helping hands said...

Somtimes I feel like your "stalker" as I'm usually the first to comment these days! I ready your blog everyday, so I guess I am a stalker.
I love your interviews with bloggers, it give me someone new to try out. I'm off to check her out.

Cheryl Lage said...

Wow! Just came over (as a Jen Jiggety follower -- isn't she a hoot?) and what a fun blog you have!

Will definitely be back...Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Very cool interview!

Love Jenni's blog her posts are always fun :)

Chris said...

Cool. I will be checking out Jenni's blog.

Terra said...

That was awesome. I love the Jiggety Jenn blog and have since the first day I saw it! Jen is real and real fun! Loved reading the interview and glad I had a chance to.

Now, I am off to see more of YOUR blog!

Journey on! said...

This was great! I will have to visit Jenni! What thah heck is writers block on a blog? Is that for real- do people really run out of things to blog about?LOL!!!

Kate said...

I love your interviews and Jenni is a good one to feature.

Kellan said...

Great interview - I love Jenni!


ComfyMom~Stacey said...

really great interview! I love Jenni's blog