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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Internet obsessions

I have MANY blogs that I read but I have two absolute favorites that are my cup of coffee in the morning and I just can not live without reading-trust me, I've tried. These two wonderful blogs are The Pioneer Woman and Dooce. I love, love, love these blogs and would love to feature them on my Words with a Blogger post on Wednesdays but they are much too famous to be bothered with little ole me.

Which one do I like most? If you had asked me a couple of months ago, I would of shouted, DOOCE , OF COURSE! But, after really exploring Ree's (The Pioneer Woman) blog more, I've leaned towards her site more. I even find myself not visiting over at Mrs. Dooce's site as much these days. Don't get me wrong-I can't resist the urge to see the new photos she posts which is my favorite part of her site. Her writing skills are an inspiration-she really is a good writer and I learn alot from reading her posts but the content sometimes gets a bit boring lately and she doesn't post as often as I would like her to. But, I will be buying her book
when it comes out in March and you should too!

Now, on to Ree over at The Pioneer Woman. She is AWESOME! She has inspired me to offer a blog(site) like hers which I will be working on here shortly. She is like the wonder woman of blogging. She does a cooking section, homeschooling section, photography section, daily life section, home and garden section AND even an online romance story of her life. How she keeps up with all this is beyond me but I'm glad she does!

So, now you know what I do when I have free time (or even if I don't)- I'm busy reading these blogs and dreaming of being just as famous...


Creative Junkie said...

I absolutely adore PW's blog ... I read it every single day! And more often than not, several times a day because she posts so often.

eight helping hands said...

I've been to Pioneer Woman's blog before, she is fabulous. I'm going to go check out Dooce next.

Farrah said...

The Pioneer Woman blogsite looks great and one I'd love to mimic as it's sooo organized well with great topics! Thanks for sharing!

Retro Heather said...

I keep hearing about The Pioneer Woman - going to have to check her out!

Terra said...

I am so heading over...can't wait to read more! But I have to...tonight

Looking forward to it.

pam said...

She also homeschools her children, I love PW too. She is amazing!!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday, I am going to poke around a bit.