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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leaving the nest with a few eggs left behind

When each of your children grow up and move out, you expect to slowly gain room in your home and freedom in your life. That doesn't seem to happen in our home. My daughter came home with this little bundle one day.

I had no intention of having a dog. They are alot of work and just like having another child in my opinion. We agreed that when she ever moved out that little Mia would go with her. That was two years ago and when she (Jess) got old enough to get her own place, we had gotten so attached to that little dog that we begged her not to take her. She finally agreed to let her stay.
She ended up getting another dog. And a cat. And another cat. She tried to still get us to let her take Mia but I said that she was too little to go and she wouldn't want to stay home all by herself at her place and every other excuse I could think of to keep her safe here. I know, I'm a selfish and mean.
Jess ended up having one of her cats run away and gave the other away and was down to her big dog, Bella. Right now, she's looking for a new place because her landlord said that her neighbors were complaining about Bella barking too much during the day. Unfortunately, the landlord also said that she needed to rid of the dog in the meantime. Nice landlord, huh? She called me frantic about not having anywhere to keep her dog until she found a different place. I reluctantly agreed to take her. Here are some photos of this big fuzzball.

Let me see, now. One child moved out. Two "children" moved in. Yes, as my children grow up and leave the nest, I have a feeling my nest will end up more crowded then what we started out at.


Aim said...

Bella is beautiful! She looks like my Elly. I bet you can't let her go either.

eight helping hands said...

What cute dogs! I love it! BTW, there is no such thing as empty nest anymore. They never really leave. I enjoyed this post today, thanks!

Annette said...

I would take her if I could -

Golfersmom said...

Bella is a beautiful dog. I am sure that when Brookster gets older she will be bringing things back to our house too.

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Aww...both dogs are so cute!

I hate landlords! And whiny neighbors, too.

We are in the process of getting another dog, and I am so worried about how our Mini is going to take to it!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I hope you'll want to come back again someday!

Terra said...

and you probably are loving almost every minute of it

Kristen Andrews said...

such cute doggies, I have a soft spot for dogs.

Veronica Lee said...

The dogs are soooo cute. You take beautiful pics, Tess.

Tami said...

LOL, my babies my sons dog is Mia, and our beautiful pitbull is Bella.


Jennifer said...

These new 'kids' sure are cute, though! How can anyone resist them?

Creative Junkie said...


My MIL is the same way ... all of her two-legged children left the nest but somehow, all the four-legged children stayed behind.

Helene said...

Awwww, at least it's a cute dog though and not one of those mangy mutts!!! My kids are always talking about wanting another pet...I'm like "um, we have a cat...that you never pay attention to".

BTW, I almost panicked when I voted for your card, thinking something happened to it. It's usually the first one that pops up for me when I vote but it was towards the end of the page and I didn't realize I could scroll down at first.

Tami said...

I have something for you..

Please stop by and pick it up..

rules are .. you MUST pass it on!