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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Words wih a Blogger Wednesday

I've done it again. Wednesdays seem to come smashing into the side of my face like a brick wall. I did not send out any interview questions to any blogs this week and now its Wednesday and I have none to post. BUT-I do have a blog to talk about, so I'm not all that in trouble, am I?

This blog involves 300+ writers and it has so many topics that everyone is sure to find a good read.

This Words with a Blogger Wednesday's blog is:

They actually call it an online magazine for women. So is it a blog or magazine? Maybe it's a blog-o-magazine. Or a mag-o-blog. Ok, it's early so give me a break. There are 21 channels and each channel has "Blissful" or "Bliss" in the title, like Blissful Buzz, Creative Bliss or Photo Bliss. Really cute names.

The founder's of this great blog is Allison Worthington. I like her name. It sounds so important and smart-don't you think? She has another personal blog, Mrs. Fussypants which is very popular too. She also is the founder of Allison Worthington Media, runs Worthington Wire and was given the opportunity to have their first ever Blissdom Conference. I so want to run a Blogger Conference some day-would you come to it?

Back to Blissfully Domestic. They also have some other editors of different sections but it's too long for me to list so you need to just go there and find out for yourself. (yep, that was a subtle way to get you to go visit. People should pay me for this. I'm just kidding-or am I?)

I would have to say that the Photo Bliss channel is my favorite since I like to learn more about photography even though every time I shoot a wedding or party, I swear I'm quitting. I'm sure you could find a topic perfect for you or if you love to write, contact them because it looks like they could always use another great woman writer. I'm always trying to think up a new topic that they don't have yet but alas, I still haven't come up with anything. Damn.

So, if you are looking for another blog to add to your list of good reads, go check it out- you won't be disappointed!


pam said...

just voted:)

Aim said...

thanks for the info. I'll get over there and check it out.

Kimberly said...

I'll have to check this site out! Just voted again too!

eight helping hands said...

Good interview! I will be sure to check her out. I love her b/w photo too! I voted for your card again, no surprise I know! I found your card here in VA!!!!!!! Keep up the good blogs, and where's my book?

Veronica Lee said...

I'll check it out, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful blog! Just voted for ya!

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Love your card!! I voted - but it kept sending me to a signup page for Hallmark, so I hope the vote went thru??!! Good Luck ~ You Go Girl!! And Happy Spring!

Helene said...

I'll have to check her site out! Sounds very cool!

I also stopped by to vote! How's the voting going so far??

emily. said...

Hi there. You left me a comment, asking if I'd be interested in doing an interview. To put it simply, I'd love too! It sounds like so much fun.

My email is:

Love your Hallmark card, by the way!

Have a nice day! <3