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Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday quietness

It's Monday again and for some reason I kept thinking that it was Sunday, so I was going to sleep in when the alarm went off. Dammit.

After last week's crazy adventures with all the card press, it seems very quiet today. (do you hear the crickets chirping?) Oh, and voting starts today so please register and vote. I found out that alot of people aren't voting because you have to give them your email address. They DON'T SPAM YOU! So, please vote.

Oh, and if you would like to have me sign a card for you, I am trying to add a Paypal button to my sidebar that you can buy through me (cost is for card, a bigger envelope to put it in, Paypal fees and stamp) and I can sign it and send it to you!

Anyway, I welcome this nice quiet week to get much needed Easter stuff and get the finishing touches of my book done. I've been reading about Dooce's book tour over on her blog and it sounds so exciting. I definitely won't be traveling all over the world but at least in driving distance.

So, I will end my post with a funny little dilemma that we deal with when watching any movie with my youngest.
Whenever the family watches a movie, the rules are as follows:
1. No looking at any blood stuff.
2. No looking at any kissing stuff.
3. No looking at naked stuff.

Ok, I can hear you now, "What kind of movies do you let your kids watch?" Pretty much even the tamest movies seem to have these in them, so calm down and put the phone down. We just watched Speed Racer the other night which I thought was a kid's movie and the kid flipped off the bad guy.

So, my youngest really, really, really gets mad when she has to cover her eyes and totally goes into a crazy fit. She stomps her feet and tells us that tomorrow, we will not be watching this movie again since she can't watch the bad parts. This is such a problem that I've considered never watching movies again because it's just not worth it.

But, since we're a glutton for punishment, we rented some movies this weekend and of course there was a make-out scene and since you never know what's going to happen when a boy and girl kiss these days, I looked at Emily and she looks at me and throws her head backward into the back of the couch and covers her eyes. She then proceeds to start crying because surely, she's missing out on something important since the rest of the family gets to watch. Afterwards, she calmly asks me when will she get to watch kissing? I reply with, "When you are old enough to be kissing a boy-sooo, thirty sounds good to me."


Too Many Hats said...

Poor little one. Have you seen City of Ember? I think it would meet all your requirements - very family friendly. There are a couple of chase scenes that get intense (one with a human-size mole - ick), but I don't remember any blood, making out, certainly no nakedness, or bad language. said...

Following from MBC!

Terra said...

30 sounds good to me too!

Helene said...

That's too funny about your daughter's reaction and even funnier about your reaction...yeah, 30 sounds like a good age to me.

I'm also surprised over some of the things that are in kid's movies. My kids saw Flushed Away and next thing I know they're calling each other "idiot", which is one of the words used in the movie.

I'm gonna go head over and vote for your card now!

LeNesha said...

haha...30-something :-) My daughter so knew the routine - turn head, close eyes. Glad I wasn't the only one like that.


P.S. Stopping by from MBC.