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Friday, April 3, 2009

MIA? Friday Favorites

Was I missing in action yesterday? Kind of. No, we didn't get the Words with a Blogger up, but our blogger will be ready next Wednesday for sure. So, please forgive me by reading about my Friday pick today.
Today's Friday Favorite is such a cool shop that you won't want to miss visiting.
Do you like pottery? I do. Especially, very simple but beautiful designs.
When I found Jill Rosenwald's store, I was all "ooh" and "ahhh" about her designs.

She works in a downtown Boston studio with her husband.
Her pottery is elegant and beautiful and everyone should own a piece. Here are a few examples.

You can see a full featured interview done by Etsy here.

Go read it and then you better go visit her shop and get you one.


...The Obnoxious SAHM.... said...

Its adorable!

Kimberly said...

Wow her stuff is super nice! Thanks for sharing.

jayd said...

Hi I finally figured out how to add my follow me button on my blog so I hope you will add yourself to it-- I am following you!!
Looking forward to it

kdbakes said...

Beautiful! I just started following you blog...very interesting! I'm glad I stumbled onto it!