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Thursday, November 6, 2008

12 things not to do at our house

I'm beginning to think that my children and husband have gotten together and decided that it was in their best interest not to do some tasks in our house. Apparently these things must be against the law.
So far, I've found these 12 faithfully unbroken laws:
1. Never shut cabinet doors.
2. Never go to bed willingly.
3. Never have your room neat and tidy.
4. Never know where your backpack is and always start looking right before your ride comes.
5. Never say "You are right, Mom/Honey".
6. Never ask if Mom/Honey if she needs anything.
7. Never go to the store and not whine for some toy, electronic thing or junk food.
8. Never pick up hangers from the bedroom floor so nobody stubs their toe on them.
9. Never clean your plate off and stack it neatly in the sink.
10. Never put your clean clothes away instead of setting them on your bed for them to fall behind it and end up getting washed all over again.
11. Never offer to help clean or cook.
And finally..
12. NEVER under ANY circumstance, tell Mom/Wife that she's doing a great job and how much you appreciate her for her sacrifices, sleepless nights when you are sick, cleaning up after you daily, working hard so you can have the things you need and loving you more than anyone ever could-unless it's Mother's Day.


Unknown said...

Oh Tess I have those moments too that I feel so unappreciated... go out and appreciate yourself by pampering yourself for a day;)


Heather (How to be a Woman..?) said...

It's amazing how much harder you work as a wife and mother than you did when you were just looking out for yourself, and how invisible and unappreciated you become. It truly is a labor of love!

Unknown said...

hmmm, seems my family is following the same set of rules.

Helene said...

I totally hear ya!! There are so many days I feel underappreciated!! The one rule I'd have to add to your list that goes in our house is "never pick ALL the legos so that Mommy is sure to step on one in the middle of the night while barefoot". It never fails!

You should announce to all of them that you are taking a day OFF and just go do something nice for yourself!!

Dana said...

oh no.. that's not good!!! you deserve something nice for you!! treat yourself to a mani/pedi!!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Oh I know the feeling! The one rulle we have that is missing from your list is
Never ask Mom for anything when she might be near the item - wait until she is sitting down for 5 minutes, then ask

Anonymous said...

so true! I agree with you!
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog and for stopping by!

Creative Junkie said...

You've pretty much wrapped up my entire week in your post.

Especially that last one.

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

I can relate to your list! I especially think about #12 when I'm having a stressful day. Then sometimes I stop and remember that I don't do a good job with this myself, either.

Doré said...

They do appreciate you and love you! All you need to do is take 1 day off from being a mom/wife and they will definitely figure out how much you do for them.

I hope you start getting the appreciation you deserve!

Unknown said...

It must be law. My family does it too! Oh and we have one here that says. NEVER put the trash in the trash can. Mom will do it.