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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mini me for the worse

To add to the stress of cooking, cleaning and decorating for the next two days, my monthly visitor has arrived just in time. Do my hormones act up during this time of the month? Maybe. Or I just might be a total bitch because I'm in total discomfort from the bloating, cramping and menstrual headaches.
So, of course I picked yesterday to do our family portrait for the Christmas card this year. It really was out of my control since my step daughter only visits on Mondays and really the only day to do it. I had it all ready and just needed to pick up Jordon from school and we would have plenty of daylight to take outdoor photos if we hurried.
After I picked him up, we walked through the door to find Emily crying at the table and everyone frowning at me.
I asked what the heck happened and my husband told me that she wanted noodles and he couldn't find a sauce pan. I told Emily that I would happily make the noodles after we did the family picture. I tried to explain to her that the sun would be disappearing soon and we didn't have time to wash a pan and cook it and she would get messy for the photo. Did that work for her? Heck no. She began to have a total melt down to the point of no control.
This of course, set me off and the two of us proceeded to cry and yell at each other. Needless to say, the photo did not get taken. We finally calmed down and then Daddy took her to dance class and I stayed home so I was not tempted to leave her there until next week.
Apparently at dance class she was fine and having a great time, but when she got home, she started to cry and said that nobody was her friend.
Her dad and I looked at each other and he just shook his head and left the room. At that moment it hit me that I had a mini me. I've been told that she acts just like me alot and apparently now she's picked up my menstrual bitchiness.
All I can say is look out hubby, because the estrogen weight has totally tipped the scale in our house!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Yes I will be shopping on Friday. It's one of the 12 sins of Christmas if you don't shop that day. P.S. Roberta Willows (class of '86) lost her dad today. Thye live in Dixon, IA. Very sad!

Unknown said...

LOL so far my mini me hasn't had the awful PMDD that I suffer from. UGH! It would be WWIII around here with both of us like that. I hope you get your photo taken next week!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

My husband is so glad he only has me to deal with on the PMS thing. I hope you all are having a better day