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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Windy City Adventure

I've been trying to get everything done that I need to do because my daughter is going to Chicago with her friends and leaving the baby with me. I tried to use every excuse for her to chance her mind from going.
"It's supposed to snow and that could be dangerous, you know."
"The weather people are never right."
"Your child depends on your very existance to survive in this world and if something were to happen to you, what would he do?"
"Oh stop it, Mom."
I got nothing. So she still plans on going.
This will be her first road trip ever without an older relative and it's totally freaking me out.
So, I get to worry all weekend and take care of a two month old on top of it. I can handle the two month old but not a bunch of eighteen year olds traveling out of town.
I'm sure everything will be fine and they'll have a good time even though the baby's dad is going with-at my request- believe it or not. My husband will think I'm crazy for making him go along since he really thinks he's an idiot and loser. But, as much of a butt that he is, I believe that they are still safer with him going along then taking on Chicago without a guy there. Besides, they aren't staying over night so I can live with myself.
It's funny how a mother's reasoning on things may not make sense to someone else, but perfect sense to another mother.


Doré said...

A mom's job is to worry!! They will be fine... just enjoy your time with your grandbaby and don't think about the rest of it!! :-D

Anonymous said...

dilMakes perfect sense to me! I totally see your rationalization on this one!

We need more baby pics! Hurry up already! ;-)

Unknown said...

Of course it's a mum's job to worry! :) My kids are all 16 and under right now but I can tell you, I'll probably be the same as you when they're older and want to go on road trips :)

Enjoy the time with your grandbaby!

ConnieFoggles said...

You never stop worrying! My mom is 79 and I'm 45 and she still worries about me and her grandkids. Enjoy your time with the baby!

BTW, I gave you an award!

Brain Foggles

Heather (How to be a Woman..?) said...

She'll be just fine. Enjoy babysitting! Cuddles & no sleep. ;-)