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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Panda Bear

Emily cannot sleep without trusty Panda Bear.
If she doesn't have him with her every night, she will not stop until we find him.
"Mommy, I need Panda Bear!"
"But all the lights are turned off in the house."
"Then turn them back on."
"But it's late and I'm too tired."
"Drink some coffee."
"But you left him in the car and it's raining and cold outside and the neighbors will see me in my underwear."
"Don't worry Mommy, I won't tell Daddy."


Amy Clary said...

lol. That's so funny. Your daughter will take no excuses. Of course, you should go outside, in the rain, in your undies! ;) That's so funny.

Doré said...

How funny! She REALLY loves her Panda Bear, huh??

This showed up in my reader as your latest post, but I had to go back to the 5th to find it. Did I miss it last week?

Barb said...