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Monday, November 3, 2008

Parenting 101

This weekend was spent attempting to to find our yard under a blanket of leaves, doing some belated spring cleaning the house and browsing around the stores to get ideas for Emily's birthday presents for her birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.
As we attempted to push through the crowded aisles in Toys R Us, I asked Emily what she would like for her birthday. She replied that she wanted a barbie house. I told her that she was in luck because the prices of houses dropped way down this year and this would be a perfect time for her barbies to buy one. We looked at the prices and sure enough, they dropped $30. "See?" I told her,"We could even get it interest free!" Emily proceeded to roll her eyes, put her hands on her hips and gave me the WHY CANT YOU BE A NORMAL MOM? look. I chuckled as I thought about how there will be many more times in her life when she will not want to claim me as a mom just as her brother and sister have in the past. Maybe I feel obligated to have fun at her expense because my father used his free time embarassing us for his enjoyment. I always remember the time he thought it would be fun to dance on the stage at the movie theater with his then wife with Mickey Mouse ears on while us kids sank down in our seats in utter horror.
Yep, it's fun to be a parent.


Unknown said...

Lol, our turn is here eh? I love my job as a parent. Best job in the world.

Helene said...

How funny! I actually thought your comment to her was cute!! I could easily see my daughter doing the same thing to me in a few years!

Unknown said...

I am really looking forward to be a parent especially with all the fun you've mentioned;)

I wanted a barbie house too, I think it's every girls' dream. Hmmmmaybe I'll but one for myself too if the prices are also real low here.

Tara @ Feels Like Home said...

I love it! I can't believe she's so wise already. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL I get that look from my kids all the time! It's great fun being a parent! :)

Doré said...

You are too funny! I hope I'm clever enough to come up with these things when Brayden gets older!

Creative Junkie said...

I believe it is our God given right to embarrass our kids.

I keep telling my kids that when they have families of their own, they'll appreciate all the tricks I taught them.

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

I think humor is so important when you are a parent. My dad was a joker and so is my husband. My kids thinks he's funny. OK, I think he is funny too.

I know there will be a day my kids will think we are not funny, but they'll come around again.

Thanks for the post-it made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

It's happening with me again too. My 9 year old thinks I'm as old as dirt and that I don't know much of anything. It's a great stage they go through and fun for me too.