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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ahhh choooo...

Over the weekend we went for a drive through the neighborhood to admire Christmas lights on houses. While passing by the church that we go to but haven't visited since I was pregnant with Emily. Jordon asked why we didn't go to church and I began to answer but realized that I didn't have an answer.
"I think we put off going because Emily was a baby and colicky and it was to hard to take her."
"But, she's four now," he stated.
"That's true," I answered, scratching my head.
"What's church?" peeped Emily from the back seat. "Is it like the dentist?"
I could hear the fear in her voice which made me chuckle. I'm so mean.
"It's God's house where you go to pray to him," I said, satisfied with my answer.
I thought a moment and continued with, "Do you know who God is?"
"He's "God Bless you" when you sneeze."
I laughed.
I think we better start going back to church and I better bring a box of Kleenex for Emily.


Paula Constable said...

What a great time to start again. Kids are so honest with their questions. It is hard when they are little and fussy-I remember those days.

Doré said...

We have avoided going to church as well because Brayden isn't the most well behaved child in situations where being quiet and sitting still is required.

Hopefully he will calm down soon so we can start going.

Creative Junkie said...

Awwww - that is so cute!

My kids would have answered: isn't he the one you swear at all the time when the house is messy?

Wendy said...

Kids are so precious with their remarks. How adorable!

Arlice Nichole said...

That's great that your son wants to go. :)