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Thursday, December 11, 2008

10, 9, 8.......count down til Christmas

I'd like to start my post with thanking Jeff's readers (and Jeff) from over at Goodfather Blog's for stopping by yesterday-you made me hit a record number of comments in one day for me-I know, that's sad but I'm getting there!

Yesterday, I went Christmas shopping-finally! Mother Nature has not been good to me lately, with ice and snow storms every other day it seems and I DO NOT drive in it. I have an SUV but it acts like a deer on a frozen pond. Crazy!

So, it was finally nice out so I headed off to the stores with my mom and I decided that I would finish Emily and Jessica's shopping. I didn't end up getting all of Jessica's gifts only because I couldn't find everything. The youngest, on the other hand, ended up getting TOO many things. Never go to ToysRus without a plan. Never. I threw this and that in the cart thinking that well, that's not a bad price. When we went to check out and the cashier told me the total, I went, WTF? (not really the bad word part-I'm a lady. Well, most of the time) I couldn't really say that I wanted to put some back. I mean, how would THAT look to everyone behind me? I just bravely wrote the check and forced a smile to the cashier as she thanked me and I could've sworn her eyes went "Cha-ching" when she blinked.

Needless to say, I've been forced to be done with Emily's presents. Crap. I know she's expecting a new barbie house after our conversation awhile ago. I wonder if she would notice if I made one out of cardboard and painted it really pretty. Hmm, very materialistic daughter not noticing? Not!

Oh well, after she's opened her tenth present, I'm sure she'll be over not getting one. Now, I have to even things up a bit with the other kids. They already think I favor Emily because she's the baby of the family and if on Christmas day they see all her presents compared to theirs, I fear they will put an ad in the paper for a free little sister.

I'm wondering if they are still hiring for Christmas help anywhere? Or maybe Emily can teach me how to pole dance- I did just lose 5 lbs.
Two weeks til Christmas- Holy crap!


goodfather said...


One year I went to Toys R Us without a plan and tossed stuff in the cart, did the math when I was done, and then just left the cart in an aisle. It was WAY too much, heh. This year we're totally scaling back, but still trying to enjoy the holidays. It's a tough year.

ChurchPunkMom said...

TRU without a plan?? BAD news.

I did my shopping yesterday on WAY better idea. No snow and ice (too much of that out there, thankyouverymuch), no crowds (ick), and a very visible tally on the price (huzzah!).

I spent under $200 on 6 kids. I still have one kid to shop for and one who needs one more gift. This weekend we'll buy (online again) for the adults and be done! And the best part? Having it all delivered right to my door.

Arlice Nichole said...

Oh yeah...she will notice no dollhouse. I remember when I wanted one. That was thee first thing I looked for Christmas morning.

Creative Junkie said...

omg, 2 weeks! AACCKK.

Luckily, I no longer have to spent too much time or money at Toys R Us since my kids are getting older. Unfortunately, the downside to that is that for every one gift I get my 14 year old, I could get my 8 year old three! The older the kids get, the more expensive their gifts are!

So I guess that means I'm due, like, a $24,820 gift?

Michelle Namminga said...

I can't believe the time is slipping away so quickly this year. I have a bad habit of going to toys r us with no plan either. It's a big mistake. We're scaling back this year like everyone else, so I did myself a favor and took the Grinch a.k.a. hubby with me to keep me from over spending. It worked.

Kate said...

Ha - pole dancing might be the way to go!

Oh, and congratulations on the comments.

Doré said...

oh yes, Toys R Us can be lethal on the wallet if you go without a plan. I found that out when shopping for Brayden's 1st birthday. All the small items add up fast... but it will totally be worth it to see Emily's face on Christmas morning. Hopefully she will forget about the house... at least for a little while!