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Monday, December 22, 2008

My head hurts

Saturday night I decided to take all the presents out from under the tree and put them into piles for each person and see how big each person's pile was. I then started to hyperventilate. You see, I have this sickness that arrives around Christmas time. I must get my children lots of presents or I don't feel complete. I started this "tradition" when my first child was born and continued with each child after. We would have so many presents under the tree that they actually wouldn't fit under the tree and one year, they stacked up to the ceiling! I have a photo to prove it, really. I'm not sure why I have to do it and I feel guilty even on Christmas day that I should have got this too or why didn't I get that? It just kills my mom too and each year she tells me that I shouldn't spend so much on them and they get so much that they will get overwhelmed by it. I think I do it because I had great Christmas's when I was little and had so much fun opening presents. I also think that I just don't want it to end and if they only have some presents to open then its over soon.
So, at this point I know there's about 10 more things I'd like to get each of them but I'm holding my ground and I'm dealing with a daily headache because of it. I think I've taken more Tylenol in these past two weeks then all year. So Christmas, please come here quickly before my head explodes all over our Charlie Brown Christmas tree?

I also wanted to announce a winner today but nobody wanted to reveal theirs and I know someone who was definitely going to post her New Years Resolutions and may be the only one-come on guys, I know you have to have something you want to do! I'll wait until the end of the day to see if I have any entries.


eight helping hands said...

I posted a link to you on my blog this's not on my blog site. Let me see what's going on. And I have pic's of our Christmas' and the fact I over do, so you're not alone. I know what you're going through.

eight helping hands said...

I tried to post to you again. I put your address in the link enclosure at the top. I don't like being new at this stuff, I have know idea how to do any of it. Sorry. It is posted on my website right now.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I've gotten pretty good about not buying too much. Of course, we have a 3ft tree so more than 3 gifts a person looks like a vast amount of gifts.

Rebecca said...

I was done with my Christmas shopping back in October. I have caught myself looking at KB or Amazon and saying oh man DS would love that....but then you have to slap your hand and x out the box. I'm sure everyone will be happy with everything you already have :)

Helene said...

Oh Tess, I share the same issue!! This year I told my husband I would stick to a budget and only get 3 things for each kid. But you should see my closet full of gifts that aren't wrapped yet!!! I have so much stuff in there that I can't even get to my clothes!!

I think it's just that I LOVE seeing the looks on their faces when they come down the stairs in the morning and see all the gifts.

Arlice Nichole said...

You know, I go through this in life. I had such an awesome, wholesome, festive, healthy, and abundant upbringing that I feel I must provide the same if not better for my own children or it's just not fair! I feel really guilty when I feel that I'm not performing as well as my parents did.