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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Words with a Blogger Wednesday

Words with a Blogger Wednesday!

This week's blogger interview is with a blog designer!
It's short and sweet and full of great info!

Introducing, Jessica from

All Things Cupcake

Please tell us about yourself.

I'm Jessica. I am 24 years old. I am a wife and a mama to a little girl born in the spring of 2007. I am a California girl born and raised, now living on the opposite coast in Sunny Florida. I spend most of my time designing websites & blogs, hanging out with the little one, and running my delicious site, All Things Cupcake.

How long have you been designing blogs?

I have been designing websites for over 10 years. I started when I was young, and I think I worked on my sites with geocities. Old school. I began designing blogs a few years ago when I was bored of the way mine looked, and changed it every day pretty much. Eventually people asked me to design their blog and that is how it began!! The more blogs I can prettify the better, especially if they are part of my daily reads. :)

What kind of format (Wordpress, Blogger, etc.) do you recommend?

Oh, it really depends. I am a huge fan of Wordpress, self hosted. This means owning your own domain and hosting your blog ( It sounds complicated but it's fairly easy to do. I am not so much a fan of blogs because of their limited capabilities. You can't edit your design, and you can't have ads and most 3rd party scripts. Confused yet? :)

I also like blogger. Blogger is fun to design and work with. I started out on blogger but due to the amount of traffic I was receiving, I had to switch to hosting my blog myself. I would recommend blogger if you are new at blogging and just starting out.

Are your designs easy to use?

Definitely. They are all "widget ready" meaning, you can edit the sidebars yourself. Add & remove whatever you'd like, until your little hearts content!

Do bloggers have to know html?

I think knowing a few things wouldn't hurt. Learning color codes can be fun.. or maybe how to change the font! The basics are good to learn.

Do you have a favorite blogger?

I have tons of favorite bloggers! I love reading the martha stewart blog, and I can't help put peek at, I just gotta! I also enjoy, his food photography is amazing. I could go on and on. You can visit my person blog and click on "daily reads" for tons more of my favorite blogs.

Do you blog?


Do you have any advice to any newbie bloggers?

Find your blogging style! Not everyone blogs the same. I just wrote about this today. I am not a great writer, or story teller but I do a great job of writing about things I love, want, should buy or wish I had.
Thanks, Jessica-you rock!

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