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Monday, December 29, 2008

More sleepless nights to come

Last night was the first night that my tooth allowed me to actually sleep a full night and this morning it seems to be feeling fine too. Just my luck since today is the day I have to make the call to see the dentist. I'm a big chicken (like my youngest) about going to the dentist to have work done and I was counting on the excruciating pain to convince me to make the call. So now, I've been pacing the floor for the past hour with the phone in one hand and the dentist's number in the other. I even tried to get my four year old to make the call but all she said was, "Mom, I'm four. I'm just a kid." So, the task will be in my hands to do it and hopefully my post tomorrow will not consist of me telling you that I'm still sitting here with the phone in my hand, trying to force myself to call.

I guess my motivation could be that if I get it done today, than I won't be on any meds on New Year's Eve so I can drink the champagne that's been chilling in my fridge for the past week, whispering sweet nothings into my ear every time I open the fridge door. It's basically the only time I drink during the year and I really hate to miss it. I know, wait all year to drink away your frustrations? Better get a second bottle.

We also found out that we have a little house guest in our basement that I didn't know until I picked up a bag of old clothes and the furry little monster with a little tail ran under the couch. So, now I get to replace my "painful tooth" sleepless nights with OH MY GOD. WHAT IF THAT MOUSE CRAWLS ON MY FACE WHILE I'M SLEEPING? sleepless nights.

So, this is how I get to end 2008 which makes me believe that 2009 has to be a frickin' kick ass year-doesn't it?


eight helping hands said...

You're funny! Make the phone call. Don't be silly! Although I'm not much for the dentist either..

Rebecca said...

I freakin' hate the dentist. However, if it's bothering you that bad you need to go. I mean it could get worse and require a root canal YIKES! Just thinkin about it makes me wanna pick up the phone for you! Here's wishing the pain goes away soon!

Dana said...

oh no11 i've had the same problem and it only gets worse... call the dentist... mine got soo bad i felt horrible, horrible pain cause it was overnight...