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Monday, March 16, 2009

And the selfish husband went down the shower drain...

I started out a conversation with my husband on Sunday with, "Don't you get tired of me being mad at you?"

For the past two Sundays, we've had the same argument. Well, I'm doing the yelling while he just sits there. You see, on Sundays, my husband doesn't have to go to either of his jobs, so he stays home and does nothing. This is fine with me because I go with my mom shopping or whatever and am gone the whole day.

The thing is, I have to leave by a certain time in the morning (I have to drop my son off at his dad's and then I just go to my mom's from there) yet he insists on jumping in the shower before me and use up all the hot water. Did I mention that he doesn't have to do anything the whole day? So, by the time I'm able to take one, it a cold shower and my hair does not do well in a cold shower. Last Sunday I looked like I had Medusa hair and moms were shielding their children's eyes from the sight of me as we walked through the mall.

I figured after last week's hour lecture about how he HAS THE WHOLE DAY TO TAKE A SHOWER, he got the message so I didn't worry about guarding the bathroom door this Sunday until I could take a shower. So, I thought I would be nice and make breakfast and then get ready to go. As I was busy frying some bacon, I heard the bathroom door quickly close and the shower turn on. NOOOO! I couldn't believe that he would do this to me yet again. I calmly finished the bacon and knocked on the door and told him that if he takes another thirty minute shower that he would be sleeping in the car.

I heard the shower quickly turn off, so I went back to the kitchen and placed the egg carton on the table. When he came out, I told him that he could make his own eggs and I went in the bathroom and slammed the door.

After taking a luke warm shower (just hot enough to save the hair) I came out and noticed the pancakes that I made myself were gone. I turned around to find the hubby eating them. I asked him if he was proud to know that he was two for two on pissing me off today? He looked down at what was left of my pancakes and walked over and handed me a pancake that was left on his plate. If you want to make an "already mad wife" mad, offer her your leftovers.

So, I left that morning cold and hungry-just wait until next Sunday. If I don't get the shower first, there's going to be alot of wasted water going on in the world when all the toilets will be getting flushed repeatedly.


Kati said...

Sounds like my husband! Men!

Tami said...

Ooh I'd lose it too! LOL.
mine expects me to get up and go, no shower, not teeth brushing, just get up and go. I calmly ask, how many years have we been married? 21?! and you still dont get it!
I never leave the house looking like Elvis. Elvis hair isn't in fashion anymore.Points to hair, when finished, this is whats in fashion. PIXIE HAIR! Big difference huh? Now I'm ready to go.
huh?, Ooh sorry was watching TV, what did you say dear wife?
GRRRRRRRRRR, never mind.
This is a typical day at our house..LoL

Creative Junkie said...

Oh man, there's nothing worse than a lukewarm/cold shower. UGH.

Which is why you should fiddle with the hot water tank heater when you hear that shower door slam shut next Sunday. And then when he complains, tell him to run right out and get the necessary parts to fix it and hey, while he's out, why not pick up a sensitivity chip on the way home?

eight helping hands said...

Sooo, your husband is like all the rest hey? Mine does that repeatedly, always hogging the shower and I get the cold one. You and I have naturally curly hair, which does not do well with cold water. UGH!


Terra said...

oh, I could right a book about this. My goodness. Mine can sleep right through my shower, snoring and all even when our 3 year old is asking for something. It is so aggrevating.

annie kelleher said...

wow what a selfish oaf. my hubby would never think of eating my food unless he made me more. thats what i would've told him. i think i would've dropped off my son and then came home for the breakfast im sure mine would've had waiting... if he wanted to live to see the next day, of course. :)

Aim said...

Tess- I have a couple of awards for you over at my blog. stop by and pick them up. oh, and I'm sorry you were cold and hungry. I bet you'll get him back good next time. :-)

Helene said...

Maybe we should ship our husbands off to some deserted island (with NO hot water and NO tv) and let them fend for themselves for a good month! Next time he does that to you, adjust your water heater to the coldest setting!

Anonymous said...

Men are so completely aggravating and nothing but!

Dagmar Bleasdale said...

Oh, don't you just love husbands... :)
Thanks for checking out my blog! Love yours, do you want to exchange links?

Anonymous said...

It's so caveman like isn't it?!!

No brain engaged at any point....
Or is that the truth?

Or is it that THEY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING!! I believe so. The thing is, it is what they want to do, so even if they know they shouldn't, well, hell it's what they want to do and nothing has ever dented that thought at all.' I want to do it, so I just do it'.
Even if it's wrong and even if they know it. The idea that you CAN'T always do what you want just doesn't exist inside many male heads.
Men are not raised to see self-denial as being beneficial, as being pretty key in actually engaging with humanity without that engagement turning to irritation or hate. They are also not raised to NOT see themselves as Number One. Nobody is Number One in reality, apart from a person actually in need.
That's "I need", hubbies, not want "I want.......UG-UG!"
Yes, that means when your wife NEEDS to get something done, you gotta step back. And your kid will ALWAYS need more than the two of you put together. Them's the facts!
BTW, married men live longer than single men. Married women live shorter lives than unmarried women. That tells you everything you need to know. Don't accommodate him. If you do, it adds years onto his life, years he is actually taking off yours!