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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Words With a Blogger Wednesday

Words With a Blogger Wednesday?
I can't believe it's the middle of the week! Time goes by so fast and then next thing you know, you're lying in a cedar box-are you depressed now? I'm just kidding. Now, let me slow things down a bit by posting another great interview with another awesome blogger.
Her name is:
Darlene Demell
Only thing is, I'm going to change it up a bit and not do a "blog" interview. Yes, she has a blog-two in fact:

You should still go visit them because they are the coolest, but I wanted to post a Featured Business interview this week. Now, guess what else I'm going to do? I'm going to make you go over to my other site to read it. I'm so bad.....

You can read it here:

I know what you're thinking, I'll read it later and then you will forget and my interview will be forgotten forever. So, get your rear over there right now and read it-I will be ever so grateful. You can even have my first born-and my husband (no returns, please).
Do you want to be interview by little ole me? Great! Just send me a note letting me know and I will be right over with my pen and notebook. While I'm there, I will take notes on how you decorate your house, get in your fridge for goodies and sneak into your bedroom, hoping to find dirty laundry hidden in there.


Betty said...

I love your posts. you always introduce the greatest people. :)

Helene said...

She sounds like a very interesting person! I've never heard of Watkins but it sounds like she's having a lot of fun and success with it!!

Had to laugh about your comment about the cedar box!!

I wouldn't mind an interview if you're looking for more people :-)

Darlene said...

Very nice blog you have here Teresa. Thank you so much for adding my blogs in your comments.

I will be in touch.

Veronica Lee said...

You always write such awesome posts.

Terra said...

Tess, if you are ever short on interviewees...feel free to drop me a line. I love to talk.

now I really am going to click over read!!!