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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Welcome to my new Saturday Shopping!
Every Saturday, I'll be posting reviews and this weekend's post will be done on KidSafe , a baby proofing and child safety site.

While browsing the site, I've discovered many items to child proof your home from, corner cushions to window guards. Have you ever thought about baby proofing your home? Have you thought about using Corner Cushions, Outlet Covers, TV Guards or Door Locks? You never think of the little things that could potentially harm your child. That's why they've included a Safety Tips section that's full of helpful tips to keep your home safe.

They even carry the best brands of products like Safety 1st, KidCo, Evenflo, Gerber, Mommy's Helper and more. They make Baby Gates, Cabinet Locks, Appliance Locks,Window Guards and anything you can think of to child proof your home or office.

So, go check out your home and then visit this awesome site and get that home baby-proofed!


DawnS said...

Hi! Just came over from your group at MBC, I'm following you now! Great group to start - thanks!

Terra said...

I am SO done baby proofing my house but I know many that are not! I will pass it on!

Betty said...

Great site. I love all the safety products.

Cascia said...

Baby proofing is so important. You should always think about your child's safety. Thanks for sharing!