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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What the hell have I been up to?

You may or may not have noticed a little break in my postings this week. I did not die, hang up my keyboard or fall off the face of the earth (again, if you even cared). I've had a bit of a family crisis at home and just couldn't find the time to put together any posts. I even missed the
I ♥ Faces contest- I know, it was important. Trust me.

If you've been a long time reader, then you are aware of the ongoing problems with the grand baby's father. If you would like to catch up, check out maybe this post or this one or well, you'd probably want to start from the beginning of my blog.

Anyway, this boy has been making my daughter's life hell by stalking her, texting her constantly, finding out from two-faced friends whenever she tries to go out on a date and tells the guy lies and scares them away. She's replaced three tires that "mysteriously" got holes in them and oh, did I tell you about the time that he tried to steal the baby when he had followed her to the mall?

I finally talked her into getting a restraining order and she did which meant a court date to decide how long it would be in effect and decide visitation and custody while they were there. We were all pretty nervous about what would happen because we did NOT want him to have a chance to be able to see the baby unsupervised and if he did get granted the right to see him alone, we would probably never see the baby again.

A couple of days after she got the restraining order, my daughter got a phone call from "someone" from the clerk's office, saying that the father was going to sign over rights to her if she would let him see the baby once a week. The person said that she would need to go down and sign papers. My husband advised that we talk to a lawyer for advice and see if we needed one or not, so they went to talk to one and he (lawyer)said that he never heard of that before and he called down there (courthouse) and they said that the court hearing was still on. So, my daughter went down to the courthouse to find out about the phone call. They said that nobody had called her and also told her that the S.O.B had been calling five times a day to see if she was dropping the charges and that they were getting pretty annoyed with him.

That's when we realized who was behind those calls and I asked her for the phone numbers that were calling her and we looked them up and they were coming from some one's house! Apparently, the father and whoever was helping him, thought they could trick her into not showing up to court or dropping it so he could not get in trouble or whatever. What a prize he is, wouldn't you agree?

After that, Jess was told not to believe anyone trying to call her about anything to do with court. Then, court finally came yesterday and guess what? He didn't even show up! She got whatever she wanted with a restraining order valid for a year, full custody and NO visitation unless he takes her to court. So, now you see why it's been a bit hard to concentrate on anything for the past couple of days.

Now, if only we could figure out how to talk him into taking a one way ticket to a far away land where all deadbeat guys should go.


Kait T said...

I think Dead Beat Dads head off to Boston. At least that's where my son's Dad is.

eight helping hands said...

Oh honey, I'm sorry to hear all this bad news. This kind of stress in not deserved nor good for your daughters well being.
I think they should make an island very similar to how Australia got started, make it a prison, send his ass there with now way of getting off!
Hope things get better for you.
Off to vote for Emily.

Caitlin said...

That is horrible! I felt all steamed up just reading about it!
We will be thinking of your family.

Kristie R said...

all dead beat parnets should be sent off to some far away desserted island

sorry you all have been having to deal with this crap

Annie said...

Hopefully that is the last you hear of him and you all can put it behind you.

Helene said...

I'm so sorry you're still having to deal with him and his garbage!! I really hope this was the last you heard of him! He'll probably find someone new to stalk now that he realizes he can't bully your daughter around!

Tess-Six Feet Under said...

Thanks for all the support! I hope he gets tired of being a butt and moves on.

Paula Constable said...

I'm so sorry your daughter and family has to go through this! It has to be hard.

Melodie said...

Great blog. Sorry about the bad news!

I'm from MBC follwo me. Wanna follow me back?

Hope your days get better,

Bee and Rose said...


I am so sorry you all have to go through this nightmare! I'm sending tons of prayers out to you all! Hang in there!

Heather Happymaker said...

What a nightmare, but I'm so glad the creep didn't show up!

Your poor daughter. I'd want to kill that guy!