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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nintendo would be outraged

It happened again. My middle child took advantage of me relying on his so-called independence in the homework department. I was busy doing my daily stuff when the phone rang-Jordon's school called to let me know that he hasn't been turning in his work in a certain class. Argh- not again.

I was informed that he would have to come in and do Saturday school-they still have that? As I was listening to her tell me about how many assignments he was missing, I was thinking about what kind of punishment would have a lasting effect on him. Like, maybe making him wear pink to school for a week? Scrubbing the toilet with his toothbrush? Going to his sister's house and having to clean it-that would have a life changing effect on him.

After hanging up the phone and counting to ten, I decided that it would have to be the electronics that would have to go. I very bravely went into his room and gathered up the Xbox, Super Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Gameboy, PlayStation and took the power cord from his computer. Wondering where in the heck I was going to store them all, I threw them on my bed for the time being.

Luckily, I had four hours before he would be home to cool down and I had my daughter pick him up from school so I wouldn't be tempted to let him stand in the rain for a minute or two. Just kidding about not letting him in the car-well, maybe.

When he got home, I was settled down enough not to yell at him and I calmly explained how he would not be gaming or computing or whatever until his grade was up to par. Of course he thought taking everything away was unnecessary and I explained to him that no, letting him see the light of day was unnecessary, but I was willing to budge a bit.

So, he did all his homework and then made the rest of my night miserable by whining that he was bored. I was tempted to bring out one of his games to get him off my back, but I didn't give in. I tried to have him watch a show with everyone or do some reading, but he didn't want to and tried his hardest to get me to at least let him look up something on the computer. I was proud of myself for not budging and the hubby even congratulated me. Now, I just hope the teacher hurries up and raises his grade so he can have his toys back- I mean, so he can understand the value of doing your work and not falling behind and how it will effect his future-yeah, that's the ticket.


Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

doesn't it seem like consequences are often more punishment for mom than kid!! but good job on staying strong!

Aim said...

good job staying strong! Don't give matter what.

Amanda X said...

Good job on not giving in!!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh. You are better than most. You didn't even yell at him one eensy teensy bit? You have got this motherhood thing DOWN.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I've had to do that too & my goodness aren't they pests about it? Mine acts as though I have deprived him of air.

Stay strong!!