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Friday, June 11, 2010

TGIF-I hope.

Have you ever had one of those weeks when nothing has gone right? I think this week was one of those weeks.

This week, my youngest acted like her brain was taken over by aliens. She has been bossy and mean and throwing fits over little things.

This week, nothing has been going right with my book promotion. Am I going to get a book signing soon?

This week, my daughter and I got in a knock down, drag out fight with my brother. I yelled at him because he yelled at my daughter and made her cry-sorry, but it's an automatic reflex of mine to lash out at anyone hurting my kids. My family has a habit of holding grudges (not me, mind you). Last time I got in a fight with my brother, he didn't talk to me for 6 months. Maybe he will talk to me by Christmas.

This week, we found a dog cringing by our garage, in the rain. We realized that he had been hit by a car. He was hurt badly, but luckily he had a collar with a phone number on it. His owner was frantic and it looked like he had been crying when he came and got the dog. Damn drivers that hit animals and drive off.

This week, I got in a big fight with my hubby over a stupid thing. I hate fighting with people.

Now, it's finally Friday. I am done having a crappy week. I need a truckload of chocolate.


Aim said...

chocolate makes it all better! Sorry you've had such a crappy week. I think your blog tour/book promoting should turn out well. I'll be seeing you at Random Thoughts soon.

Brian Miller said...

i hope that your weekend is filled with sunshine and smiles...and maybe a little chocolate...

Creative Junkie said...

Aw Tess! I'm sorry! I hope the weekend gets brighter for you. Just inhale the chocolate - don't waste time by chewing it.

bigsis@redshoeway said...

Hi Tess, we found you through the single mother's chronicles.

TGIC - thank God for Chocolate!

secret agent woman said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I hate fighting, too. Hope you get all the chocolate you need!