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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where am I?

There will be no Words with a Blogger Wednesday this week-though you need to check back next week for an exciting blogger!

Today I promised to tell you something about my book, Anonymous.

Something exciting.

Well, that something exciting is here.

I'm not here today. I'm on my book tour in virtual land and I'm giving away lots of books! So, if you STILL haven't picked up my book, now is your chance to get a free one!

Virtual Book Tour Schedule:

June 23rd: Random Thoughts Blog. Come find out a bit about me and enter to win a signed copy of my book.

June 25th: Jael Custom Designs. I'm a guest blogger and there's a giveaway.

June 29th: The Single Mothers Chronicles. A bit about my writing and another give a way.

I will be adding more stops as they come and my physical book signings too!

So, come say "hi" to me and enter to win-oh, and please let me know if I have spinach stuck between my teeth!


Brian Miller said...

nice. just checked and the one for today is not up yet...i'll stop back by n a bit.

Aim said...

it's up for the delay. Blame it on the rain. :-)

Laoch of Chicago said...