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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Words with a Blogger Wednesday

This week's Words with a Blogger Wednesday
Swati from

When did you start blogging and what made you decide to blog?
I started in October of 2009, kind of against my will! I am writing a book about single mothers and I had two writing instructors tell me I should start blogging to build a platform...and now, I really love it!

What kind of blog do you have?
My blog is for parents and single parents. I write about daily life as single parent, dating, and interactions with my daughter. I like to mix it up a bit so I try out my short stories too and book reviews...and, of course, I include articles and fun quotes.

Do you make money from your blog?
Not today. I do the book reviews for free. I've had a few people approach me for product reviews but I've held off. I was worried I wouldn't write enough original material if I started doing reviews or advertising products.

What do you do to network/promote your blog to bring in readers?
I am on Twitter Moms, the Mom Bloggers Club, Blog Frog, Single, and I comment on other's blogs. I also blog at And I'm also on Twitter and I have a Facebook FAN page. The more I post and comment and tweet, the more followers I get!

How do you balance blogging and family?
What? Oops.Ok, I need work here....I try to do it when my boyfriend isn't here and my daughter is at her dad's - but sometimes an idea just gets me and then I have to WRITE!

How frequently do you post?
I am trying for twice a week but there have been a few weeks when I didn't achieve that. I try to have articles and things on hand so there; always something new coming out.

Do you own a business and blog about your business?
Nope. I am really focused on writing the book. Though I will be starting a consulting business in a few weeks (business consulting, corporate strategy, human resources, project management).

What do you recommend to blog about?
I think people love hearing the details of how others think and feel as they experience daily life. Not just a listing of what happened - but really how it impacted you and what you felt inside. I also think it's a great place to show your stuff, take a little risk, and try different writing styles!Have your readers influenced you in any way? Oh all the time - I am always amazed by what people say and think - and how kind and giving they are of themselves.

Has blogging changed your life in any way?
Yes! It's so much fun to blog - it ALWAYS puts a smile on my face! I lose myself in it.Who are your favorite bloggers? Well I enjoy so many...of course I love this blog, Tess! And Mrsblogalot (, Organic Motherhood with Coolwhip (, The Poverty Diet (, The Passive Income Queen ( seriously, I am out there reading all the time - I am certain I am leaving about 20 others out accidentally!

What is your blogging style?
Very casual but I do like infuse humor when and where I can in terms of life's everyday learning and insights. Really it depends on my mood or what I am writing about - some of the writing gets kind of serious too.

What do you do when you get writer's block?
I wish I had the Golden Egg answer to this one - I get so grumpy and force myself to stay at my computer. Honestly, I think I should just go out and give myself a day off, but I don't. Sometimes when I get back the next day, I say,"Ok that writing wasn't total garbage, I can make something out of it..." My last bought of writers block lasted three weeks - ouch!

Do you have any advice for newbie bloggers?
Yes - jump right in a come play with us!! Other bloggers are fun and definitely will cheer you on. There's a whole other world out there!! Just know you will have frustrating moments, but stick with it and you'll make it.


MrsBlogAlot said...

Blogging words of wisdom Swati! And you know you are one of my favorites too you awesome girl!

'Jump right in and play with us' has to be THE best blogging advice I've ever heard.

Great job!
xoxoxo! (-:

Liz Mays said...

Thanks for the intro, Tess!

The Single Mothers Chronicles said...

Thanks so much for having me "over" to your place today Tess!! You are so awesome, I love it in the Blogosphere (and I loved reading Anonymous - keep it coming!)

XO - Swati

The Single Mothers Chronicles said...

aww shucks mrsblogalot - I can feel the bloggy love :-)!!

XO - Swati

Anonymous said...

Great post. It was neat hearing some of the insight in how you got to the place you are! Thanks for sharing.

Together We Save said...

You have given some great tips.... thanks!!